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Why Join The Mill Marketplace?

Our goal is to bring our local farmers, growers, bakers, vintners and other small businesses closer to their customer, and each other.  During this uncertain time promoting a local circular economy within the region is our best defence against the impacts to our local economy.  Maintaining the value of our local trade within our local economy is the best solution for all.

The benefits of the delivery model is that local business is not required to absorb the time and cost required to set up an online store and to deliver product.  We share the load which:

  • Saves the customer from having to accept multiple deliveries from various suppliersWhy Join 
  • Increases the profit margin of local business by eliminating additional expenditure on transporting goods throughout the region
  • Enables your time to be spent doing what you do best!
  • Actively makes a contribution to reducing the regions carbon footprint by delivering orders from multiple business orders in one order
  • All necessary precautions have been implemented to adhere to social distancing requirements and to limit contact with the product.  

So how does it work?

  • Customers place and pay for orders online at  All orders placed by 6pm on Monday will be delivered, or ready for pick-up by the customer at 4pm on Wednesday. 
  • Suppliers will be provided with orders from The Mill Marketplace after 6pm on Monday evening to allow time for produce to be harvested and products made ready for sale. 
  • Deliveries from suppliers will be received at The Mill Bowral boardroom between the hours of 8am - 10am on Wednesday.  
  • The Mill Marketplace retains a percentage of the commission of sale. No other costs to the supplier are incurred.  Please contact us for futher information.
  • Suppliers are to provide an invoice with their delivery and will be paid by The Mill Marketplace within a week of the receipt of invoice. 

How do I update my products online?

Updates to product lines will be made weekly by The Mill Marketplace.  It is the suppliers responsibility to email the following to

  • A description of your product
  • Various photographs of the product (preferably high resolution)
  • Price
  • Quantity Available

Updates to product lines will be made online by The Mill Marketplace on Tuesday evening's. 

Please ensure this information is provided to The Mill Marketplace no later than Tuesday morning to ensure that your product will be updated for the market week.

    Caveat - Read Me!

    It is important to The Mill Marketplace that we promote an inclusive environment for all vendors and customers.  For this reason, we do not encourage multiple suppliers to be providing the same product.  Please ensure your selection is bespoke to your business and upholds our grow local - shop local theme. 
    All local businesses are welcomed to connect with us.  We commit to marketing your businesses to expand your customer base.

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